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One of the greatest gifts that life brings is the oppertunity to share it with dogs that come from so many different and unique breeds and personalities that ultimately make them a special fit for each person. Our combined experience of over thirty years that we have spent living with, working with, and showing dogs has helped us develop an immense amount of knowledge that is ever-expanding, and we devote a great deal of our lives everyday to this passion that we love so much.

With owning a dog also comes a great deal of responsibility, and anyone who breeds dogs for the right reasons understands that the dogs they bring into the world become a lifetime commitment not only for the families that each dog will go to, but ultimately the breeders themselves as well. It is only through comprehensive and thorough health testing, pedigree research, cooperation with other reputable breeders, informed decisions and risk-benefit analysis that these decisions should be made, and only after many years of experience and guidance from the right people.

Our goal is based on the belief that if and when we choose to breed a litter that it is done to improve upon specific qualities of the breed whether they be structural, health-related, or for temperament, and just as importantly to ensure that each of those dogs end up in a loving home with responsible families that will dedicate their lives to the health and well-being of each dog for the entirety of his or her life. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share our lives with these special dogs, and we hope after visiting out site that you will have a better understanding of why we have dedicated our lives to this purpose.

The Hightide kennel prefix was inspired by Jillayne's daily life growing up on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts surrounded by the ocean, beaches, and beauty of life that comes with that wonderful gift. Jillayne is originally from South Yarmouth, Massachusetts but in 2012, relocated to Irwin, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, to be with her fiance, Jeffrey, with future plans of relocating to Massachusetts.

We are proud and active members of the following clubs & organizations:

United States Australian Shepherd Association • Australian Shepherd Club of America
Cocker Spaniel Club of Western Pennsylvania • Huron Valley Australian Shepherd Association
Australian Shepherd Club of New England • English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association


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