We are starting to take deposits for our litter due late Spring/early Summer 2023.

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Even though we do not have anything available at this time, we can always refer you to a breeder that we trust if you are looking to get a puppy sooner.





Our puppies are sold with a health guarantee, sales contract, AKC and ASCA registration, microchipped, first set of shots and deworming, and eye exam by canine ophthalmologist. Our pets are sold at the price of $2,500, and show prospects are sold "to the trade" only by private agreement starting at $3,000. A great deal of time, energy and love goes into raising our dogs and puppies. For this reason, we kindly ask to not receive requests asking for a "discounted price."

So why pay more for a purebred pet from a show breeder? Because puppies that fall short of being show dogs are still more likely to be healthy, and more likely to have a sound, breed-appropriate temperament. This is because ethical preservation breeders utilize extensive health testing before ever breeding a dog. Just being a successful show dog isn't enough for most show breeders, the dog also has to prove they are free of heritable defects and has an outstanding temperament. Quality breeding isn't a be-all, end-all, absolute guarantee because not all defects are genetic. And not all genetic defects have a simple pass-or-fail test. However, puppies from health-tested parents have the deck stacked in their favor. Show breeders aim for soundness, which means a body that moves freely as well as legs that have good angles to them so the dog can move appropriately for their breed. If you are going to share your life with a pet, don't you want them to have the best possible chance to be healthy and sound?

Our dogs are always shown at an attempt to earn an AKC Championship prior to being bred. By earning an AKC Championship title, this means that judges have evaluated them against other Australian Shepherds and chosen them as the closest fitting to the breed standard based on their movement, structure and temperaments.  Our dogs are also health tested for all appropriate tests for the breed including Hip & Elbow X-rays sent to Orthopedic Foundation for Animals to rule out dysplasia, a certified canine ophthalmologist who does a routine yearly eye exam on them to ensure they have no hereditary eye defects such as cataracts, which are common in the breed.  Our dogs are also DNA tested for things such as Hereditary cataract marker gene, MDR1 gene (multi-drug resistance), CEA (collie eye anomaly) and several other tests available.  If any of our dogs are carriers of these DNA markers, we are sure to test all of the puppies in the litter in hopes to eventually eliminate any of these markers from our stock.

To cut this short, we never look at a breeding as a means of making a profit, as we dedicate our lives to the well-being of our dogs and continued betterment of the breed, for show, performance and most of all, happy, loving pets!

While we will try our best to fit your preference on color, please know that Australian Shepherds should be admired for their uniqueness in coloring, and coat/eye color is not "made to order" with the Australian Shepherd. We will take your color preference into consideration but always prioritize activity level and temperament when pairing one of our puppies with their potential new family. Adding an Australian Shepherd to your family is a 12-15 year commitment, so be sure that you are prioritizing more than just color for your new family member!


For more information about Australian Shepherds, please take a look at the websites listed below:

United States Australian Shepherd AssociationAustralian Shepherd Club of AmericaAmerican Kennel Club


If you cannot find a breeder with a puppy available, please consider the option of rescue:

Aussie Rescue & Placement HelplineNortheast Aussie RescueNew Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue



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